CATCO Subscriptions

Each year when we develop the upcoming season, we use a strategy consistent with our brand–being nimble, agile and innovative when selecting shows. And creating captivating programming to respond to the artistic demands of our vibrant community.

Also part of our brand is to look for strategies to reach new audience members. We're excited to announce one of those for the 2016–17 season—one that gives you the opportunity to customize your theatre package just for you. See details below.

You'll also have the chance to purchase discount tickets for the world premiere of the Abbey Theatre in Dublin's performance of Sean O'Casey's The Plough and the Stars, which is being presented in Columbus by CAPA Oct. 26–30, 2016. If you subscribe to the Drama Package, you already have a ticket to this show.

2016-17 season subscription are available now. Please call 614-469-0939 if you have any questions!


   •   CATCO is Theatre Subscription: Every show, same great seat.

   •   Entertainment Subscription: Musicals & Mysteries.

   •   Drama Subscription: Deep Thinking

   •   FlexTix Subscription: Great subscription discount, YOU choose the dates.

   •   CATCO is Kids Subscription: Every CATCO is Kids show on our season.

To subscribe, click any of the options above to fill out an online order form, or call 614-469-0939.